3D Printing

Through developing my bike I have acquired a couple of 3D printers, and can now offer a cost effect 3D printing service from as little as £15.

How it works -

To start with you need a 3D CAD file which you want to print.

You can either draw your object in 3D CAD yourself

or I can design it for you in 3D CAD (depending on complexity there is extra charge for this)

Or you can simply download a file from a range of websites where people share their 3D drawings, the most popular are




This has to be in the file format .STL

I can covert a few different types of files into the stl file.

Then I put the file into the printer software, like the picture shows a bracket for a gopro camera I downloaded to fit a bicycle fork.

The software then generates the required support structures so that it will print correctly

This particular example would take over 12 hours to print, and requires a lot of support structure, so it would be better printed in a different orrientation to reduce this.

Once printed the support structure has to be broken off then the object is ready.

The size of the prints has to fit within these print are sizes of the two printers I have.

Print sizes 200mm x 200mm x 180mm

Print sizes 310mm x 190mm x 575mm

Material is PLA plastic which comes in many colours.

This picture shows my full size prototype of my new design which I printed in bits and super glued together then wrapped in carbon fibre.

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