Bikes services are for any type of bike, road , mountain, hybrid, kids

Each service is tailored to the needs of the bike and the problems reported.

When you drop off the bike I'll give it a quick check and ask for problems or things that need looking at and will advise of any immediate issues I notice and give you an idea of the likely cost of the service and parts required. 

Most services are £35 for the usual gear and brake adjustments and a full check over and adjustment of the bike, although some issues can take longer to resolve of adjust like wheel truing, bearings adjusting or fitting many parts for any extra time spend this will be charged at £30 per hour

£30 per hour charge for all other work,

Punctures £10 + £5 for new inner-tube

Gear adjust £20

Brake adjust £20

or any minor adjustments can be done while you wait most of the time but not evenings.

£30 for a new bike assembled and set up from boxed

FIX YOUR BIKE Government vouchers accepted

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